I will design a clean business card or stationery

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Why we should work together? 

My philosophy is as each brand is different, me as a designer can't offer a pack with pre-selected stationery items, that's why I like to offer a list with all the items that can be designed and together we can choose those that will fulfill your brand needs. The stationery of a Restaurant can't have the same items as the stationery of a Law Firm.

So, let's choose together the best stationery items for your brand! Up to 4 + Business Card:
- Business card holders
- Letterhead
- Envelope
- Folder
- CD cover and packaging
- Email signature (Jpg or Gif animated)
- Uniform
- Flyer (With Provided information)
- Stickers
- Badges
- Notebook cover
- Postcards
- Menus
- Greeting cards

The premium package features: Social Media Look & Feel
The faster way to communicate the personality of your brand is through the Social Media where each post must represent the company as good as your physical stationery. I'll design the Look & Feel for your Social Media with the same visual style of your stationery. This guide can be used by your in house designer for the future post you'll need to design.

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