I will design a timeless logo for your company

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My 5 years of experience in a London-based graphic design agency have taught me how to think, develop and create unique logos. My corporate-expertise allows me to create effective, modern logos that won't only fit your brand, but create values and be remembered by your clients.

Here is my manifesto, in the meantime I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. 

  1. Good design is less: Less is more
  2. Less is Bold: Bold means confidence
  3. Bold is experimental: Experiments involve risks
  4. Experimental design is fresh: Fresh faces are always welcome
  5. Fresh is creative: Creativity attracts curiosity
  6. Creative is smart: Make people think and rethink
  7. Smart is communicative: Communicate visually
  8. Communicative design is simple: Easy to understand yet difficult to produce
  9. Simple is aesthetic: Attractive things work better
  10. Aesthetic is good: Good enough is never good enough.

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